Q: In fact what is vastu?
Ans: “Bos” dhatu and “Trino” Prottoy are the origin of the word Vastu. This means the art of making house, which saves the houses made by the human being from different harmful situations. Through these five elements a parallel connection has been made to achieve good physical condition and ailment free body. Besides this, keeping mental balance human being can control he natural beings and can achieve it and also can obtain physical health. Due to normal balance of physical strength and mental stability religion, intelligence and wealth can be achieved. So Vastu is not an abnormal happening like jadumantra or magic. This is proper combination of natural power and five elements theories and result of artificial knowledge. If we are directed by these then we can get intelligence, peaceful life and way of prosperity. He who is after achieving this knowledge will make house according to Vastu will get good result continuously. This is a truth which has been proved. So achievement is definite if Vastu is followed.
According to different poranic scriptures there are four kinds of Vastu :
Landvastu: Such as earth, different type of lands
Grahavastu: Such as small houses, multistoried building, palace, temple, water body.
Shayanvastu: Such as Living platform, platform to sit and palaka.
Yanvastu: Such as Palki, rath, different carriers.