What is Vastu

Water is another of our basic element, requiring careful study and observation. Nature has its own way of creating the fresh water that we need and depend on, i.e., The rain water cycle.
Today our drinking water supply is treated chemically with chlorine and fluoride. This water travels through metal or plastic pipes to reach our homes, losing energy and getting polluted on the way < off gassing> from plastic, lead, etc., from pipelines. Itenters the houses already polluted and is NON-BIODEGRADABLE when it leaves the house. This quality of water is finally absorbed in earth and ultimately the quality of underground water gets contaminated which gets recirculated, thus, degrading the quality of water and disturbing the ECO-BALANCE.
There was always a price to pay and often not only in terms of money, but in loss of personal health and pe rsonal energy as well as social and environmental damage.Unfortunately, we become hooked into pollution ever more.
As electricity has its electro- stress, similarly these earth energies have their effect, which is termed'earth-stress' or 'geopathic stress'. These are the result of phenomena emanating from the Earth itself, for it has its own electro magnetic grid.
People require to develop an understanding and the ability to respond to ecology in a logical way. The most successful way to fight pollution is to look at the unpleasant truth, right in front of us and raise awareness and the ability to respond and to create living spaces full of vital forces of five elements of life, i.e., Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space.
While laying out plan for the house swimming pools, water ponds, foundations, borewells, pumps, etc. should be planned in North or East or NorthEast.
Aristotle defines space as- A container of things- a sort of succession of all- inclusive envelopes, from what is 'within the limits of the sky' to the very smallest, rather like Russian dolls."Space is, therefore, of necessity, a hollow, limited externally and filled up internally." There is no empty space everything has its position, its plane.
Our Vedic Insight provides a beautiful hypothesis of relationship of (time) Kala and Space. This leads to basic principle of creation, i,e., sculpture, architecture, music,etc. Space is the ultimate substance, which is filled with minutest particles called Paramanu (nucleus). Every paramanu is a minute space possessing energy. It is absolute or abstraction of all visual and aural phenomena of the universe or the ultimate form. The space is luminous, as the particles are always emitting light. This is called foetus or germ, the basic material for the emergence of subtle forms in the micro as well as macro spaces.
Every space possesses aunique of experiencing.It is hypersensitive, and super potential. For the experience to take form, the space goes into self-spin. It vibrates. The effective force of the space of the space is called Kala, the absolute Time. This happens to be the intrinsic property of space. This is contained in all animate objects of nature. What is actually experienced by the space is vibrated into a from within. This space is sensitive enough to order these vibrations into rhythms and to evolve itself into the desired forms-rhythmically structured & aesthetically alluring. This is its unique quality.
Architecture today is so rigid, then the statement of building a house, which was a sacred act and the house was considered a living organism, can only become a matter of discussion. What we need tody is a perfect manifestation of our old heritage, i.e., Vedic Arehitecture (Vastu) and the space which suits today's context, thus, the emergence of Vastutecture as a need.
Thus,to make architectural and sufficient thought must be given to the subtle energy fields, grids and zones within and around the forms and buildings which would help the design of spaces to grow as per the energy moulds.
The concept of Vastu Shastra (energy maifestation) and Space Creation together as Vastutecture can have enormous impact on our entire outlook onj health and healing. Following Vastutecture or Vastu Spaces may not add uears to our life, but definitely, "it will add life to ourremaining years.
Fire is the element that is arguably more unique than any other, for it is not as tangible as any other except space. Fire is neither energy nor matter or present in all the objects as early scientists believed it was, it is there in the form of electrons orbiting the protons and the neutrons that make up all that we know of.
Althrough moths and other animals are attracted to fire, only humans know how to use it. Much of our civilization has developed from our application of fire to transform things: we boil water, cook food, bake clay,meltiron, burn wood into charcoal, etc.
Human beings initially knew fire primarily as ameans of destruction. When we learned to control fire and harness its energy,our civilization began to make rapid advances. This dual nature of fire as both a destructive and creative force harnesses the spirit of our intuition.
It is the element of strength, force of faith and the power of protection. It is the source of heat and light in our lives without which we would be unable to live. It is associated with power, determination and strength because of its somewhat chaotic and erratic nature.
Fire leads us to the purification of our Self and of Nature.It is the inescapable force that draws us unto personal and planetary evolution, actibating the life forces.
The vitality of animals and humans has been described as"Internal Fire" because the mitochondria in our cells derive energy by "burning food" in the presence of oxygen (metabolism).
Indeed our body become cool after the flame of life dies out. No flame is eternal, but the phenomenon of fire reappears again and again and whenever the conditions are right for it.
Examination of land during digging to built a Vastu operation and effect of the dug out articles.
If a piece of land is dug up for purpose of land examination and following types of articles are dug up, then one should be guided by the following results.
Articles dug up
Result or Effect
1. Burnt Charcoal coal Cause of disease
Cause of disease
2. Cut pieces of Cloth Grave Misery
3. Conch, Shell, Tortoise etc. Prosperity, mirth
4. Coins Excellent comforts and prosperity
5. Copper Increase in prosperity and affluence
6. Beggar’s bowl Feuds and strife
7. Sea-Shells, Rope Distress, Strife
8. Egg, Serpent, Chaff, Husk Death-like tormentation
9. Iron products Death of the landlord
10. Stones Benefit of gold
11. Brick Prosperity
12. Bones, Skull, Hair etc. End to the life of the landlord
13. Termite, Snake, Pipal etc. Not fit for living, inauspicious