Vastu direction philosophy

If the outside door and the inside door remain in the same direction then the said is called UTSANGA door. If the outside door remains opposite to the inside door and while entrance the back side is required to use then the said entrance will be called PRISHTHABHANGA and this door is not good and result will be bad.

Some particular instructions in respect of main door are given.

Main door should not be made at the middle place of the building.

There shall be two parts in the main door. Inside door may be of one part.

Main door should always be opened from the inside.

There should be no wall on the face of the entrance door.

Main door should not be slanting in shape, it will be rectangular. Triangular, circular and inconsistent doors should not be made.

There must be a Chowkath in the middle of the entrance door.

Big tree, any mosque, water tank or electrical substation should not remain in front of the main door of the house. An ideal house should have an entrance door and one leaving door.

Entrance door will be a bit small than the main door and there is no harm if the leaving door is made of one timber part.

Total doors will not be in odd numbers.

Main entrance door depends on the condition of the land and roads by the sides. The door be placed to which direction of the land will have to divide in equal nine parts, which is shown below in picture.
Main entrance door depends on the condition of the land and roads by the sides. The door be placed to which direction of the land will have to divide in equal nine parts, which is shown below in picture.
Normally placement of the door in fourth place according to picture will be auspicious.
If any land is divided to 9 X 9 = 81 parts then each of the four boundaries will have 8 doors and its effects are achieved according to ‘Jyotish Nibandha’.--
In it entrance door may be made in each direction. But that direction will have to divide by 9. Keeping 5 parts to the right side and keeping 3 parts to the left side remaining 1 part, which is fourth part, shall be kept for the entrance door in the left side.
Following the said rule main entrance door may be done in the same place in each direction. If it is not possible then as alternative each side of the house shall have to be divided in equal parts and it will be as follows:
Shikhi Parjannya Jayanta Indra Surya Sattya Bhrisha Antariksha Anil
Rog Papjokkha Shosh Asur Barun Pushpadanta Sugrib Doubarik Pitri
Doors in different sides and its result according to Vastushastra are shown below through list.
1. Shikhi—Fear from fire 17. Pitri—Loss of son
2. Parjannya—Birth of daughter 18. Doubarik—Increase of enemy
3. Jayanta—Plenty of wealth 19. Sugrib—Achievement of son and wealth
4. Indra—King’s kindness 20. Pushpadanta—Achievement of all wealth
5. Indra—Anger priority 21. Barun—Happiness and wealth
6. Sattya—Untruth sayings 22. Asur—Fear from king
7. Bhrisha--Cruelty 23. Shosh—Loss of wealth
8. Antariksha—Fear of theft 24. Papjokkha—increase of enemy
9. Anil—Less children 25. Rog—Death and tie
10. Pusha--Slavery 26. Ohi—Increasing enemy
11. Bitatha—Low occupation 27. Mukkhya—Achievement of son and wealth
12.Brihatkhata—Eating and more son 28. Bhollat—Abundant wealth
13. Jam-- Sunlight 29. Shom—Wealth of all types
14.Gandhyarba--Deception 30. Bhujanga—Family disputes
15. Bhrigoraj--Wealthless 31. Aditi—Quarreling with wife
16. Mrigo—Loss of son’s capacity 32. Diti—Poverty
According to this rule it is auspicious to make the main entrance door as list below:
In the east : Surya, Jayanta, Indra In the north: Vollat and Shom
In the west : Kushumdanta, Barun In the south: Brihatkhata
The best is having two doors, one for entrance and other for leaving. If the door of the main entrance remains to the north then a small door will remain to leave the house. According to modern opinion the main entrance door should be in the highest place.
The entrance door may be set as shown below:
In the north : North of the east in the north: East of the east
In the north : West of the west in the south: South of the east
These are the most auspicious place. Size of the door will be in consistent with the house. Doors and windows in the north will be wider than those of the south. Accordingly doors and windows in the east will be wider than those of the west. In this consideration this will have to remember that geographical condition and direction of the land are very much important. Due to this house open to south is liked by inhabitants of Bangladesh. But the area will have to keep equal to with the north.