Vastu direction philosophy

BASEMENT: if essential then basement shall have to be made at the north-east side. Under no circumstances this will be at the south or west side.
MICELLANEOUS: Nothing heavy should be kept at the middle place of the room. In the dining room only dining table can be placed. Almirah, wall rack, hanger etc. heavy furniture will have to be kept at the south, west or south-west sides.
If the Almirah of valuable materials can not be kept at the south-west side of the room of the head of the family then the same may be kept at the south-west side of the north room (see picture below). This is because that middle north place is the place of Mercury. Money and valuable ornaments and other things can be kept in this side Almirah.
LIVING PLACE OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS: (This rule is not applicable for the residents of the town).
Domestic animals can be kept in the homestead. The ideal places are:
Cows and Goats: North-west side of outside of the room.
Dogs and cats: At the north-west under the stairs or in any cold place.
Small bird and fancy birds: May be kept at the north-west.
Color fish: May be kept at Verandah or at the north-east of the room.
MIRROR/LOOKING GLASS: North or east wall is the best place for Keeping the mirror or looking glass.
WALL CLOCK: May be place on the north, east and west side wall of any room.
ANCESTORS’ PICTURE: South-east corner of south wall of the south-west in the house are the best place for keeping pictures of ancestors. Alternatively picture of the ancestors may be kept at the south-west corner of the wall of any room.
Importance of the door of any house or flat is unlimited. If the instructions given in the ancient scriptures about doors of the house can be complied and accordingly after making the doors the same are placed in the house or flat then peace, comfort and wealth are achieved by the residents of the house.
At first some necessary details may be given about the main door of the house. Main gate should be the entrance. Because this rule is the step of the entrance of positive power. Main door should be decorated with drawings etc. Besides functions the entrance door should always be kept decorated.
Doors may be made with such decoration.
Sacred versions of Quaran should be written on the outside of the main entrance door. This writings should remain in such way that it will be seen by the outsiders. Sacred ‘Ayatul Kursi’ may be written in the inner side of the main entrance door.
Any design may be used in the gate but each will not cover the area of five. The more rules those are remaining in respect of doors are under no circumstances the door height will not be less than double of the width of the door. In this respect all the ancient scriptures are on same opinion.
The door should be made very strongly. All most in all the books of Vastu Shastra it has been told to make the door strongly using proper lintel and side frame. Timber must be new. It is necessary to use high quality timber in the entrance door.
If different types of metal are used in the door then the door becomes strong. The door should be made in such way that it will not make any noise while opening and closing. The doors opened or closed automatically are not good.
Main entrance door should be large, strong and decorated than any other doors, so that consistence between the doors remains. Other doors should be of same measurement in height and width to keep consistency. Main entrance door will have to be opened through clock wise right direction.
The door is of two types. While entrance through out door if it moves to right then it is called an auspicious door and according to highly auspicious door, for which achievement of comfort, crops and children increases. Again while entering from outside if the door a remains in the left then the door is not good. This door is inauspicious. As a result of such door loss of money, friends are happened and diseases increase.