Vastu direction philosophy

OUTGOING DOOR: Small doors than the main door should me made to from and to different sides. Height of these doors may be as per the main door, but width shall be a little small.
DINING ROOM: Dining room location shall be connected with location of the kitchen. If the ideal kitchen remains at the south-east side then dining room should be in the east side and if the kitchen is at the north-west then dining room should be in the west side. dining table must be rectangular in shape. Round or six corners table is not desirable. Refrigerator should be placed at the south-east or north-west of the dining room and drinking water, water filter and basin should be kept at the north-east side.
DRAWING ROOM: Drawing room for the family members and the guest should be at the east or north-west side. Head of the family will entertain guest seeing towards east or north. Sitting arrangement will be such that the guests will talk starring towards west or south direction and the head of the house will remain west or east side. This is auspicious for both the head of the house and the guests.
STUDY ROOM: Study room may be arranged at the room in north or west side. But while study the face of the reader will be towards east or north direction. If the cover of the study table becomes light green then it will make the student attentive. This has been proved by the psychologists. The door of the study room should be north east direction.
LIVING ROOM OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY: Living room of the head of family will in the south-west side of the room. Living khat (platform) of the head of the family should remain at least three inch far from the wall. Lying in bed will with the head towards south and foot will be towards north and under no circumstances the head will remain to the north. Its scientific cause is that human head is heavy than any other parts of the body. If he sleeps keeping the head at the north then there will remain possibility of attack from different diseases. Its cause is that the North Pole and the South Pole creates influence over the body. Attached bath room of the room will have to remain at north-west or south-east. Door of that house should be towards north or east. Main Almirah will be placed in south-west of the room and by the side of the khat in such way that the face of the Almirah will remain towards north. The head of the family will keep his valuable documents and papers and money. This north side is the side of the planet Mercury. If it is not possible to keep heavy Almirah at the south-west side then money can be preserved in a small Almirah at the north side of the room of the head of the family.
The matter has been made clear through the picture below:
LIVING ROOM OF THE SON: If the son is married then his living room will be at the south-east of the house. Since this is north-west corner so this place will be helpful to lead a happy conjugal life. If the sun is unmarried or he is a student then he may be given living room at the east or north of the house. The student will keep his head to the east, south and this is according to the old scriptures.
LIVING ROOM OF DAUGHTER: Living room of the daughter will be at the north-west side, as, according to astrology this the place of the moon and helpful arts and crafts.
LIVING ROOM OF THE MINOR: Living room of the minors will be at the west side. Khat will have to be placed at the south-west side of the room. Head will remain to east, south direction. Living khat will not touch the wall.
PRAYER ROOM: It is most desired that the prayer room of the house will be at the north-east. According to astrology this is the place of Jupiter and according to science this direction is full of positive power. Due to this reason this place is the best place for prayer. The students can use this room and for Yoga or arduous practice this place is the best. The flat house where there is no opportunity to make prayer room at the north-east side, there in the center place (Brahmasthan) prayer room can be made in small size. Brahmasthan has been described in details separately.
GUEST ROOM: Living room of the guest will be at the north-west side.
LIVING ROOM FOR AILING PERSON: Living room of the ailing persons will be at the north-east side. It is expected that he will be recovered soon and will achieve good health.
KEEPING DEAD BODY: Dead body of the deceased person will be kept at the west side room and funeral activities will have to be completed at the west side, particularly on the lawn.
LABOUR ROOM: Before days the child would born in the separate room of the house. Before birth a room would be selected as labour room and the carrying mother would start living there. Till now in the rural area of our country child’s birth happens in the labour room. But this is being changed. At present child’s birth happens in the hospital or nursing home or in the maternity in the town. Now this unusual to think about a separate labour room in flat house. But the labour room if remains at the north-east side in the hospital and nursing home then it is good for health of the good. Place of birth of the child should be at north-east. Birth in this place becomes without problem. Carrying mother should live at the north-east side room of the house or flat, because this is good for them. If it is not possible to arrange room at the north-east side then the place should be determined at the north –west side.
MEJENINE FLOOR: Mejenine if necessary then the same shall have to be done at the south side.