The hand as a whole

Nails can be very good indicators of the general physique and also about the tendencies towards diseases of a person.
Nails are made of a substance called ‘keratin’. It is a tough, dead form of protein or horn-like material.
Long Nails: The indicate a wake physique. The person is liable to suffer from chest and lung troubles. Long nails, which are also curved and thick, show a cruel nature and doubtful morals. Long-nailed persons are impressionable. Long, sharp nails of pink colour indicate intelligence, good health, artistic tastes and a sympathetic and emotional nature.
Large nails: which cover the fingers at the end, irrespective of the type of the finger, indicate delicacy of bronchial tubes, throat and lungs. This is confirmed if the Line of Heart has island(s).
Large nails, which cover the fingers at the end, irrespective of the type of the finger, indicate delicacy of bronchial tubes, throat and lungs. This is confirmed if the Line of Heart has island(s).
Short Nails: The processor of short nails is aggressive in speech and action. He is critical, analytic, quick and sharp. He is not logical. If short nails are found o short and thick fingers, the person is self-willed and opposed to everything and is likely to suffer from dental troubles.
Short nails, flat and curved out or lifted up at edges, indicate risk of paralysis and throat troubles.
Small nails, with square ends tapering towards the base, or of equal breadth at the bottom, indicate some sort of weakness of the heart. Blue colour of such nails confirms this indication at an advanced stage.
If Board Nails: Board nails are more than long and square at the base. Such nails are found on Aquare, spatulate or philosophical hands. They indicate good mentality, practicability, frankness, simplicity, self-confidence and optimism.
Board and hard nails belong to physically volatile persons, possessing good stamina.
Thin Nails: Thin nails are those which have less thickness. The person has poor health and suffers from headache or body ache. He has less amount of energy in his body.
V-shaped Nails: the nails are generally wide at the end and pointed at the base. They indicate the dissatisfied, fault-finding, pessimistic, impulsive and nagging attitude of a person. The also indicate nerve trouble.
Square Nails: It is very special type of nail, not commonly found. Square nails signify good judgement. Such nails are generally found on the hands of businessmen, lawyers and politicians, who are aggressive, practical, honest and hard working.
Narrow Nails: Narrow, long and curbed nails indicate spinal disorders. Possessors of such nails gain through diplomacy. They are narrow-minded, nervous, apprehensive and obstinate and have a weak physical constitution.
Circular Nails: Circular nails indicate weakness of the heart. Persons with circular nails are endowed with courage and perseverance and the ability to take prompt decision. Bulbs nails indicate advanced shapes of tuberculosis of the lungs.
 General Information’s
A deep furrow the nail tells about a serious nervous illness at the time shown b the nail.
A watch-crystal type of nail is associated with lung trouble. Very flat nails, excessively tough and dead white, show paralysis. A warm moist hand, with fine tremor, and clubbing of fingers suggest a hyper-active thyroid gland or twitching of the upper chamber of the heart.
Horizontal deep lines on the nails, causing a dent (called “Beau’s lines’) show scarlet fever, typhus and accidental traumas. White horizontal lines occur high fever and arsenical poisoning or coronary heart disease.
Longitudinal ridges show chronic colitis or old skin disease.
Like the skin, nails also have texture. A coarse texture f fluted or ridged nails indicate nervous disorder.
White spots give advance warning so weak nerves. In the advance stages of nerve disorders, the nails become brittle and turned back. A black spot on the nail shows bad health, death of someone or a loss.
White nails show nervous disease. Red nails indicate acidity in the stomach and anger in temperament. Pink nails with a small moon (except on the finger of Mercury) are healthy nails.
Nails board at the tip and the base and pink in colour, having a fine texture, indicate an open, frank and honest nature.
Good healthy nails are broad in shape, round at the base, without ridges, pink-coloured, with good moon.
The habit of biting of bails by a person indicates a nervous and worrying temperament, timid ness and inferiority complex.
Broken nails indicate some physical or mental defect or weakness.
 Moon in Nails
A white semi-circle shape at the base of the nails is called the ‘moon’. While the thumb generally has a moon at the base, the little finger does no have it.
If the moon is missing on all the four fingers, the circulation of blood is poor or weak or blood pressure is not normal. If the moons are too large, the vascular nerves are very sensitive, blood circulation is irregular or the thyroid gland is not functioning properly and there is a tendency to hypersensitivity.
A long, narrow, shiny nail with a large moon indicates hyperthyroid ness. A thin, brittle, ridged, short and moonless nail is a sign of unsatisfactory functioning of the thyroid and sex glands.
Medium or small moons at the base of nails indicate normal blood pressure and a good temperament.