Scientific explanation of slope of land

Generally the land for for construction of living houses is divided in to eight parts. But it is not fact that always the desired size of land will be available for construction of house. The land available may be of adverse size. So the land of adverse size through division towards angle procedure different directions will have to be determined and then it will be known that where the rooms of the house will be situated according to Vastu Shastra. Please find below division in eight and sixteen parts of the land.

Pictures shown above are shown on the basis of north east parallel angle. But while use it has been observed that most of the land not become parallel. So proper knowledge should be obtained to determination of direction. In Vastu Shastra there a number of ancient method to determine direction. But at present determination of direction is easy and speedy by the compass. In these circumstances the ancient methods are not used now. Any one may be able to determine direction with the compass.

It is essential to refine direction for construction of building. In absence of direction determination and for want of proper knowledge on direction it has been observed that defects remain in the room construction and location, standing of the building will be changed. The place for which the door place will be determined according to Vastu Shastra that may be held for opposite location. Direction determination and refinement are also been mentioned in the old scripture.
Proper determination of direction is essential to know the direction for mosque, palace, house, door, and verandah out of the door, pond. So according to scripture after determination of east-west construction of building should be done. Determinations of direction in old scriptures are mentioned to do through placing timber pin, on the basis of shadow, according to Drubotara and stars.
At the modern age The Vastu Experts determines direction on magnetic basis with the compass and when necessary they revise the direction. So after determination of direction proper direction of the rooms and doors of the building after construction of building may be done. At the present time the experts of Vastu Shastra determines direction after construction of house and also making the changes in those beautiful houses. This is a problem. This should not be done. This problem should be solved before construction of the house. Construction work of the houses should be started through complying the decisions of the Vastu Shastra properly after revision of the direction. Not only the doors and windows but all the rooms should be constructed towards proper direction. If these are done accordingly then there will be no problem from the stand point of view of the Vastu Shastra. In this way the chief of the house and all other persons will enjoy good luck and peace. Servants will remain good, and other animals in the house will remain in good condition. (in the households of the Muslims animals and birds should not be kept, but can be kept in the village households.).
East Generation, Paternal related
North Maternal related, intelligence, diplomacy
South Wealth and Peace, Life without harassment
West Respect, reputation and prosperity
North-east (Ishan) Undivided relation through generation enhancement
South-east (Agnayo) Physical, mental patience, power and endeavor
South-west (Noirit) Long life and personnel management policy
North-west (Biobbya) Relation and friendship to others and peace
Each of the direction between four may be divided equally in two parts. This is shown below in the picture
If we divide the east side in 9 division’s then two parts of the east will be north and north-east. Two parts of the west will be north and north-west. Center 5 parts will be treated as north and an equal part of the Chakranavi will be assimilated with these 5 parts.
If we divide west in equal 9 parts then the east will be with 5 Chakranavi in south, and south-east center and that will be assimilated and will be treated as south direction.
In this way each of the direction has 9 parts. In the main part there will be 4 parts, in the middle part there will be 4 parts and 1 part will be annexed with Chakranavi.
This may be proved through arithmetic and in this case help may be taken from the previous picture. Please find below the matter accordingly. If we multiply 9 spans of one main side with 9 spans of other main side then we shall get 81 square or equal span rectangular.
2 X 2 = 4
2 X 2 = 4
East --
4 X 4 = 16
  West --
4 X 4 = 16
2 X 2 = 4
2 X 2 = 4
South --
4 X 4 = 16
  North --
4 X 4 = 16
      Chakranavi --
1 X 1 = 1
Total 81 square are shown by two pictures.
  Ancient Opinion
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  Modern Opinion
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