Roles of the planet

Now the scientists are in opinion that due to change of zodiac the menstrual period of fauna and fishes are related. Those fauna and fishes appear to period to produce eggs relating to six seasons. On this subject H. Murnofox in his science and progress book has in details described the lunar periodicity in reproduction.
However, rotation of moon takes 28 days. The astrologers are in opinion that feminine cycle is connected with this period. Darwin the most famous scientist of evolution told in this respect that “Man is descended from fish------why should not the 28-day feminine cycle be a vestige of the past when life depended on the tides, and therefore the moon?”
Besides, influence of moon on liquid materials in the body, feminine cycle, qualities of blood etc. this also controls the secretion of the body. Human physical and mental good and evil in future can be considered on the basis of position and good and evil of the moon.
According to opinion of the astrology the strength and good and evil position of moon are indispensable for faultless blood, and for fit, strong mentality of human being. The quantity of ray reflection of the planet is also measurable and the process of measuring the quantity id also science based.
More from Jyotish Biggan Katha book can be learnt that there is a department comprising the modern mechanical numerologist, gynecologist, physicytrist etc. under health department of Czechoslovakia. The name of this center is “Astro Research Center”. The main function of the Astro Research Center is to determine the proper time for birth control, pregnancy and even physical operation time according to astrology determining the position of sun, moon and other planets while birth of a new baby. Even this center is informing the proper time of pregnancy to the desiring women, time for abortion who will face such situation and also informing the time about son and daughter to whom the desirous women desire.
A doctor of the Astro Research Center Eugene Jones in his predetermining of sex of a child has opined that the female cycle of every woman is influenced by moon and every child is influenced by the planets in different places while the birth period of the baby. He also informed that according to astrology which of the female will be pregnant and which of them will not be that may be informed before. Position of unwanted planet is the only cause of pregnancy for dumb, deaf, disabled child, he opined.
Like Czechoslovakia birth control, pregnancies etc. according to astrology also exist in Hungary. There the chief executive officer of Budapest Obstetric Clinic has become very much successful advising on birth control according to astrology.
Not only the moon, according to astrology human life and other living being are also influenced by sun. Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, ‘Rahu’, ‘Ketu’, Uranus, Neptune in different times and in different manners. Astrology is established on explanation of planets and stars.
The Creator knows everything. There is a relation between the fate, fortune and work of human being. A part of the life of human being is operated by work and a part of life is operated by fortune. If the human being would have been the isle only worldly strength then there would have been no spiritual strength. Result of performing responsibilities is depended upon the will power of man.
It may stated in reference that ocean of knowledge in Islam Amirul Momenin Hazrat Ali (R.) at first gave emphasis on knowledge as being the Khalifa. Numerous ethical terms and philosophical versions of him have translated in different languages of the world. He was also famous as a poet. Some has mentioned about his book of verses named by “Anwarul Akwal”. Another book of verses known in favour his name is “Diwane Ali” still exists as study materials in Arabic Madrasah. He is widely acknowledged as the inventor of complex books like Arabic Grammar and other books. The researchers have submitted a long list of his books of knowledge introduced by him. He was extraordinarily competent in karat, farayej, literature, khetab, ketabot, dream explanation, star reading, tibbo kabita, rhyme, mathematics and other subjects. Particularly he has been acknowledged as the pioneer of Islami Knowledge.
A famous book named by “Nahajul Balagah” is known to be a book written by him. This book has been translated in English and in many other languages. In this book Hazrat Ali (R.) told in respect of astrology that
Thou, believers, you learn the astrology up to that Which makes you fit to protect you?
Not any overlapping on the work of the Creator, but the limitless greatness of the Creator, guidance to way, mobility of philosophy of life, searching the spiritualism, diagram of practical life and knowledge of present can be known well to come to proper decision in life.
The base is correct account of position of the stars and planets while birth. The wise readers after completion of precise discussion on influence of the planets now being preceded to main topics of discussion through the next article.