Five elements theory and vastu

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The characteristic we are getting from the above picture shows that north-east direction is very important and cosmic power is remaining accumulated there.
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The earth is rotating always north south axis. While rotating position it is remaining bending to north-east. Human being has relation with land, water, appearance, air and sky. So since primitive period human being considered that nothing should be constructed or planted even in the east and north, for which solar ray can be resisted. Question may arise in the minds of reader that what has been the reason of keeping the north open as to solar ray comes from the east.
We all know that the sun in one way does not move round the year from east to west. Once it goes to the north and once it goes to south. In each path it moves for six months regularly. It moves through north way from 22 December to 21 June and this time is called northern solstice and in the way of moving through southern way is 21 June to 22 December and this period is called southern solstices. The sun is eye, air is life, space is soul and the earth is body. The sun is the life of world. Solar ray is the life power of all the living beings and the sun with its power and divine solution give life to all.
According to modern science solar ray has been divided in to seven colors. Among this high red color is beneficiary and ultraviolet color is harmful. Before Information of the modern scientists thousands of years ago it has been mentioned in the Holly Quaran that solar ray is divided in seven colors.
From the two words sun rise and induction it is clear that solar ray of before midday is good for health.
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According to modern science the sun is playing a vital role for survival of life and creation. This can also be told that the reason of creation of the world is future and container of future. Distance of the world from the sun is 1496 crores kilometer. Flow of solar ray is going up in equal speed of 300 to 500 kilometer per second. The world gets one shares of two crores shares of solar ray. The sun releases 3 lac 71 thousand 26(371026) Watt power per second. There are such elements in the solar ray that those are essential for all the living beings. Due to this solar ray water becomes vapor and then it turn to cloud and then it rains on the world. This ray creates necessary vitamins for our body. Solar ray destroys such insects which are detrimental for our body and creates different diseases.

Natural treatment is remaining in the solar ray and with different colors treatment can be done on different diseases.
According to Ayurveda five main organs of human body have the relations with five elements.
This information is not new. Land, sky, air, water, fire and earth are explained by the picture given before and the picture given below:
Five theory
Type of power
Fire Sight Eye Sun Fire
Air Touch Skin Air Air
Sky Sound Ear Rain Water
Earth Smell Nose Magnetic 
Water Taste Tongue Sound Sky
It may be understood from above list and picture that active mind is necessary to understand the information in the table. Existence of active mentality is associated with life, since five theories mind, and life are the cause of our existence. According to wise men how five theories are existed in different direction of four is shown through the picture below:
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