Q: Is the any town in India which has been made according to Vastu Shastra?
Ans: Yes There is only one town “Joypur” which has been made according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. This town has been made in the year 1727. This town was made according to design made by famous mathematician, astrologer, architect and politician Biddyadhar Bhattacharya. It has been named according to name of famous astronomer King Second Joy Singh. The town is divided to seven rectangular according to ancient Indian “Shilpashatra”. Howa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Iswarlal etc. palace are remaining with proud since 200 hundred years before. The whole town is surrounded by hard and strong wall and there seven gets in the town.
Is there any instruction of ideal length, breadth and height for making a house? Is there any instruction in Vastu Shastra in this respect?
In order to make a house square size land is the ideal place for making a house. The length and width of the land will be equal. But it is difficult to get such land for making a house. The next priority may be given to rectangular size land. This size of land is also proper for house. As instance, if the length of the land is 25 feet then width will be 20 feet. In general if the land is 37.50 feet in length then width will be 30 feet and if the length is 125 feet then width will be 100 feet.
Height of the living house will be as usual. But the palace or government office house has specific measurement. In the ancient architecture we find description of eleven storied building.
How the predetermined and unseen fate can be controlled with the help of Vastu Shastra and how the future can be changed from being serious and life can be happy with prosperity and wellbeing with the help of Vastu Shastra?
Human life is divided in two parts. Half of these is “Karma” and the remaining half is “Fate”. This means fate + work/endeavor = Result. The first half is unseen and not touchable and also determined. On the other hand the remaining half is entirely seen and under control of human being. As instance residence and work place can be told. Vastu is completely visible and under control of the man. If there is any discrepancy regarding fate then the same may be partially controlled applying rules of the Vastu Shastra.
After judging the different errors of Janmakundali according to astrology and Vastu Shastra and taking remedial action accordingly will make the life happy and wealthy.
Vastu is completely visible and subject to control. Such as, entrance, living room, prayer room, kitchen, entertainment room, center place, stair case are visible and if all these are made according to Vastu Shastra plan then it will help to control the fate circle and by the auspicious result of the Vastu the fate circle can be brought under control to make the life beautiful.
This may be understood with a simple instance. We have two parts of life. Karma and Bhaggya. If the same is divided in equal 50 percent then the bad part of the Bhaggya can be controlled up to 25 to 30 percent by the Vastu Shastra and then he Bhaggya will be good to some extent. If the Vastu error can be completely amended then total of the Vastu can be obtained. If 25 percent of the remaining 50 percent can be influenced then the Jatak can achieve 75 percent auspicious result.
This means that a little care of general people can play a vital role in respect of family happiness and prosperity with the help of Vastushastra and complying its rules.
Think of having a house with two flats of a person with equal facilities and the person wants to rent out one flat and now to select which one will be best for living and which one will be good for rent out?
It is necessary to take care while rent out the constructed house that the house owner will select for himself to live the flat at the south-west side and the remaining flat will be rent out. If the house is multistoried then the house owner will select the first floor or the top most floor for his living and the remaining part will be rent out. Head of the family will select south-west side room for his living to cover his administration on the house.