Q: Is pyramid is studied in Vastu Shastra? How the reaction of power is reflected in    he construction system of pyramid?
Ans: It has been told before that Vastu Shastra is related with architecture. Our learned writers of books have described how a normal pattern or structure expresses its power from its different centers. These structure may be of one square, triangle or six angles and the likes. But most power is obtained from triangle and its center. Due to this reason triangle size is considered as flow of power. In different old scriptures and in mechanical science application of triangle size has been described.
In ancient Egypt triangle construction structure in pyramid has been applied specially. Length, width and corner are based on large pyramid science of the pyramids which we see at present. These are also called “Kufu”. A power center is created in the pyramid, reasons of which are given below.
Four triangle directions expand power.
Square base expresses power.
Solar ray which falls at the foot of pyramids can cross. This is because of unparallel construction system.
There is center of power level to the surface of the world.
There is magnetic field level to the surface of the world.
A new and more powerful field is created in combination of these five power fields. Many more things have been learnt from the experience. If the shaving blade is kept under the pyramid then it remains active for more time. If food stuff is kept under pyramid then it remains fresh for many days. Battery cell become more powerful than before with the help of pyramid. Water kept in pyramid is good for the patients.
In Vastu Shastra different sizes like triangle and the other sizes have been described. “Urger Srote” of different sizes is examined and found that “Urger Srote” remains most in the triangle. Due this reason old Mommies of ancient period are kept in pyramids. Since pyramids are of triangular size so most of the “Urger Srote” is seen in pyramids.