Q: Is there any relation of interior decoration with Vastu Shastra?
Ans: Yes and it is strong relation. No house is complete without interior decoration. So all the materials of the house are related with Vastu Shastra. Furniture has a significant role in increasing or decreasing Vastu effect of the house. As instance this can be told that it is good to use furniture made of timber. Reduce the use of iron made furniture, as this attracts magnet. If it is used then the user must be harmed as a result of magnetic field. Particularly, the sleeping platform must not be made of iron In “Brihadsanghita” measurement of sleeping platform has been clearly described that it will be 75 inch long, 33 inch width and 25 inch high.
Besides, some materials and their pictures are prohibited to display in the wall or door. These are crow, snake, vulture and bat, picture of animal hunting, picture of animal with fight, flower without plant. This should be more remembered that the picture which expresses sorrow and depression appears unkind scenery is also advised to be avoided.
Is it also advised in the Vastu Shastra as to how entrance in the house will be done?
According to Vastu Shastra it is auspicious if entrance in the house happened moving right side. This is called “Punarbashu” entrance. If entrance is done left moving then it is not auspicious and there will be undesired situation in the house always.
In our daily life dining room is an important place. In Vastu Shastra is it advised about location of dining room, to which direction face will remain while eating, the place where the dining place shall be selected, where the head of the family will sit and etc?
In most of the house kitchen is used as the dining room. In such case it is better to take food facing north or east and sitting at the west, whether it is table or floor. If there is separate dining room then it will depend on the location of the kitchen. If the kitchen is at the south-east then the east room and if it is at the north-west then the dining room will be at the west side. Now the seat about the head of the family and it has been shown below in the picture. This position is good.