Q: What is the effect of radiation on the human body and what is the advice of    Vastu Shastra in this respect?
Ans: All materials of the world radiate power always in its own wave. This is not only from the hard, liquid or gaseous materials but also of every molecule, and cell. But from the materials positive power is radiated and there are some of them radiate negative power. The materials which radiate positive power are good and the materials those radiate negative power are harmful. The way of resisting harmful negative power has also been instructed in the Vastu Shastra and that is called Vastukala. Some of the materials surrounding us are with positive power and some of them are with negative power. We have all ready told that materials with negative power are harmful for which such materials should be avoided. Materials with positive power are brass, glass, china clay, ceramic, a number of stones, concrete, timber and trees etc. And the negative materials are iron, acrylic, polythene, nylon, PVC, synthetic vinyl, and granite etc. This materials should be avoided. Materials with positive power are good for human life in all respect. Negative power creates serotonin, histamine in the human body. These cause disease and lessen life force, creates frustration. Keeping the base structure of house and flat unchanged and increasing use of materials with positive power and then following the instruction of experienced Vastubid will bring happiness and prosperity in life.