Q: How much the importance of down, i.e. tenth direction in the Vastu Shastra?
Ans: According to Vastu Shastra tenth direction is down (Patal). We get cosmic ray from the sky and in the opposite way we get power of earth (Bhutej). In the earth there are ashes, stone, bones and other harmful materials besides soil. Scientists have observed that negative power comes from these harmful materials. So according to Vastu Shastra hose may be constructed at the 3 feet high than the normal level of land to get safety from this harmful radiation of negative power of these materials.
Why it has been advised to keep the open space and not to construct anything at the north-east side while construction of house?
The sun travels in two ways. One is north way and another is south way. While in the north the sun travels towards north way and while in he south it moves in the south way. A small difference of degree while sun rise is observed when moving towards two ways. Ultra violet ray exists in the solar ray and infra red ray. There are seven colors in the white color we see. These are violet, blue, sky, green, yellow, orange and red and in this red color there is infra red ray, which is very much beneficial to us. There is ultra violet ray in the violet color which is very much harmful for human body.
Sun rises in two Ayans in at north-east side. Due to this reason it is necessary to keep the north-east side open. Infra red ray comes in the morning from the sun. This infra red ray is very much good for human body, for which this side should be kept pen. Not only have that opened pond, well, should i.e. arrangement of water be kept at the north-east side. Water absorbs the harmful materials from the sun light. According to Vastu Shastra water tank or tube well should be at the north-east side. If toilet or kitchen is made at the north-east side then the sun ray will be contaminated and it is harmful for human body. So the Vastu Shastra advises to keep the prayer room or study room at the north-east side.
A scientific cause of keeping the north-east side open is that according to physicist Kirchov the quantity of wave length which a material absorb, the same quantity of wave length it left out. So the red infra ray which falls on the open space the earth absorbs the same. When the soil becomes very much hot then the infra red which it sucks starts to radiate. So, when the north-east side is open then from the morning to noon red infra ray we get directly and after the noon the infra red ray which the soil sucks starts to radiate. In such situation if the north-east side is kept open then throughout the day we can get red infra ray.
Why it has been advised in the Vastu Shastra to plant long tree at the south and west not to the east side?
In order to get red infra ray from the sun in the house it is not expected to plant long tree at the north and east side. On the other hand maximum ultra violet ray of the sun remains after the noon. India is the country of north, for which solar ray remains for long time during day time Abundant ultra violet ray that remains in the solar ray falls on the house from the south-west corner. In order get safety from the said ultra violet ray it is better to plant long trees at the south-west side.