Q: What are the instructions of Vastu Shastra for town planning?
Ans: According to Vastu Shastra the location of the town or city should be near to the river, lake or ocean. The town or city should be surrounded by trees. East side should remain open to get abundant solar ray. Town or city should not be near the jungle or water falls.
Market, play ground and school should remain all the towns and cities. Size of the towns and cities should be circular, square or rectangular. Uneven size of the town is not desired. 99 percent town and cities, ports of our country are not made according to rules of the Vastu Shastra and 95 percent houses, office and factory are also not made accordingly. Vastu Shastra has not told about only about the towns. It has also descried the nature of town to be the capital of the country. Capital city will have to be selected seeing the size of the town. The design according to Vastu Shastra is applicable for the modern town.