Q: What are the instructions of Vastu Shastra in respect of kitchen in any house or    flat of multistoried building?
Ans: Kitchen shall be at the south-east or north-west corner. Kitchen platform will have to be constructed at the south-east or north-west corner of the house and the gas oven will have to be set at the south-east of the platform of the kitchen. If the kitchen is at the north-west of the room then the platform will have to be set at the west wall. It will never be at the north wall of the room. It is not good to cook at the north-east or south-west corner of the room. Kitchen shall not be made at the center place of the flat. Cooking may be done at the south-east corner of the east or west side room of the flat of the multistoried. While cooking the face of the cook will be towards wall of the east side. If it is not possible to keep face towards east direction while cooking then it may be done with the face towards west. The door of the kitchen will not be directly towards cooking platform. Freeze will have to be set at the south or west side of the kitchen.
Is there any advice about making car parking space and entrance door and dardalan of the car in the Vastu Shastra?
According to Vastu Shastra car parking space should not be at the north-east side. Car parking space at the north-west is the best. Car parking space in the modern multistoried building remains at the basement. In such case car parking may be done at the north and east side of the basement. Dardalan will have to be made at the east or at the north. If it is required to be done at the west then it will have to be far from the south-west corner and if done at the south then it will be at the south-east corner. Slope of the dardalan should be towards north or east. Roof of the dardalan at the north-east side shall be two inch lower than the roof of the main building. Entrance door of the car may be done at the east or north-east side and the height of the said door will be less than the boundary wall.