Q: Unit of measurement in vastushastra is ‘finger’ and ‘hand’ and what are the    equivalent modern units?
Ans: Our ancestors used ‘fingers’ (Anguli) and ‘hands’ (Hasta) for measurement of “Vastudebota” and “Vastu Land”. Middle cartilage of the middle finger is the measurement by ‘finger’. It has been told in the “Mayamtam” that if eight barley corns are kept joining each other then it will be equal to one ‘finger’. According to modern measurement ¾ inch is equal to one ‘finger’ and that is equal to 1.9 cm. and one ‘hand’ is equal to 24 ‘finger’ or 18 inch or 45.7 cm. Besides ‘Anguli’ and ‘Hasta’ other units have also been mentioned in the Vastu Shastra and these are barley corn, kisku, prajapattya, rajju. One ‘Rajju’ is equal to 832 Anguli or 52 feet or about 15.85 meters.
In the ancient period our mechanic and architect used Anguli as measurement equipment of idol. According to Vastu rules they used ‘Rajju’ as the measurement tool while making house, palace and furniture.