Different type of fingers

The fingers are the index of the type of palm. So the fingers are to be studied carefully before anything.
In this case fingers are normal in thickness up to the nail phalange and then assume a conic shape. A person with conic fingers is sensitive, lovable but unstable in love and lacks physical strength.
If the fingers are square on all sides and are not candle-like, the person likes order, regularity and practicability. He acts logically and methodically and is pragmatic and not idealistic. They are energetic and creative if the fingers are spatulate.
Waiste-like fingers show thoughtfulness, tactfulness and critical mentality.
As the name signifies, man having crooked finger possess crooked type of nature.
Crooked Fingers in the case of a woman show childlessness or widowhood. This formation is not good.
If the fingers are of a different (maxed) type, it shows versatility and diversity of interest. If all the fingers are close together he is wealthy. If overlap when spread out, they denote lack of concentration.
When the fingers turn backward on stretching the hand, the person is clever, inquisitive, socially, acceptable and sometimes unscrupulous. When they are straight and do not bend backward or forward; the person is balanced and disciplined.
Long, flexible, delicate and splendor fingers without any muscular shrinking the palm indicate underdeveloped pituitary or sex glands. If the fingers are thick at the base and taper at the nail phalange, the person is thoughtless and cruel. If the fingers are equal in length to palm, they show artistic taste and a balanced temperament.
When the fingers are candle-like, the person suffers from self-deception. If the fingers are straight, the person is efficient, social, well-behaved and self-confident. Fingers bent laterally increase the qualities of that particular mount; when twisted on axis, these show like hood of moral or physical defect.
When there are fine fleshy pads on the centre of the first phalanges of the fingers, sensitivity is tactile and emotional.